Funded Projects

NGMP Grants and Contribution Projects List 2010-2016

Nunavut General Monitoring Plan (NGMP) supports long-term monitoring initiatives in ecosystemic, socio-economic, and lands and water use areas through grant and contribution funds. Funding is made available based on the merit of individual proposals, namely the project's support of monitoring and community capacity building activities that are applicable to NGMP's objectives, core functions, and key activities. To find out who is eligible to apply for NGMP funds, please refer to the Proposal Submission Guidelines and to find out NGMP's monitoring needs, please refer to the Nunavut General Monitoring Plan Monitoring Blueprint Compendium 2013.

Abbreviations for regions:

KIT – Kitikmeot
KIV – Kivalliq
QIK – Qikiqtani
NU – Nunavut-wide

Project Number Project Lead Title of Project Region Fiscal Year = Funded
2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
Ecosystemic Monitoring
Monitoring Theme: Fresh Water
SE03 Dalhousie University Nunavut Drinking Water Quality – Source to Tap Monitoring QIK   Funded Funded Funded Funded  
Monitoring Theme: Fresh Water Fish
EC02 Ekaluktutiak (Cambridge Bay) Hunters and Trappers Association Establishing a Long-Term, River-Based Monitoring System for Arctic Char in the Cambridge Bay Area, Nunavut KIT   Funded Funded Funded Funded Funded
EC03 Pangnirtung Hunters and Trappers Association Development and Implementation of a Community-Based Fishery Monitoring Programme and Adaptive Co-Management Plan for Arctic Char in Baffin Region, Nunavut QIK   Funded Funded Funded Funded Funded
EC28 Government of Nunavut - Department of Environment, Department of Fishes and Oceans Establishing an Aquatic Monitoring Program for Nunavut – Nunavut Community-Based Aquatic Monitoring Program (N-CAMP) NU   Funded Funded Funded Funded Funded
Monitoring Theme: Avian Wildlife
EC20 Carleton University Hudson-Strait/Foxe Basin Marine Bird Coastal Monitoring Survey – Assessing the Impacts of Declining Summer Sea Ice and Northern Development QIK, KIV   Funded Funded Funded Funded Funded
Monitoring Theme: Marine Invertebrates
EC13 University of Manitoba Spatial and Temporal Variations of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Marine Sediments of Baffin Bay, Eastern Canadian Arctic QIK   Funded Funded Funded Funded Funded
Monitoring Theme: Marine Mammals
EC05 University of Manitoba Eastern Canadian Arctic Killer Whale Tagging, Biopsy, and Monitoring QIK       Funded Funded Funded
EC23 York University Community-Based Monitoring of Ice-Breading Seals and Polar Bear Feeding in the Gulf of Boothia KIV   Funded Funded Funded Funded Funded
Monitoring Theme: Marine Coastal and Offshore Environment
EC22 Acadia University Small Polynyas in Nunavut: Targets for Biodiversity, Climate Change and Contamination KIT, KIV   Funded Funded Funded    
EC30 Arctic Eider Society Impacts of Hydroelectric Projects on Winter Sea Ice and Wildlife Entrapments in the Hudson Bay KIV, QIK       Funded Funded Funded
LU06 LOOKNorth Oil Spill Detection and Modelling Solutions for Hudson and Davis Straits QIK       Funded    
Monitoring Theme: Terrestrial Mammals
EC04 Government of Nunavut - Department of Environment An Estimate of Breeding Females in the Beverly Herd of Taiga Wintering Barren-Ground Caribou, Rangifer Trandus Groenlandicus KIV, KIT   Funded     Funded Funded
EC07 Government of Nunavut – Department of Environment Kitikmeot Muskox Disease Monitoring Program KIT Funded Funded   Funded Funded Funded
EC10 Université du Québec à Rimouski Monitoring of Nunavut Large Terrestrial Carnivores: Wolverine, Wolves, Grizzly Bear NU   Funded Funded Funded Funded  
EC26 Queen’s University Toward the Optimization of an Inuit Non-Invasive Polar Bear Survey: Completing the Evaluation of Non-Invasively Collected Polar Bear Tissue KIT   Funded Funded Funded Funded  
EC27 Beverly and Qamanirjuaq Caribou Management Board (2010-11), Government of Nunavut-Department of Environment (2014-15) Fuel Caching & Seasonal Rotary Wing Aerial Disturbance Effects on Barren-Ground Caribou KIV Funded       Funded Funded
EC29 Government of Nunavut - Department of Environment Re-Assessment of the Nunavut Polar Bear Sub-Populations in M’Clintock Channel and Baffin Bay QIK Funded     Funded Funded  
EC31 Yukon College Making More Use of What We Know: Circumpolar Arctic Rangifer Monitoring Assessment’s (CARMA) Approach to Building Capacity for Monitoring to Describe Cumulative Impacts and Development on Nunavut's Caribou NU   Funded Funded      
Socio-Economic Monitoring
Monitoring Theme: People
SE05 University of Laval Monitoring Educational and Professional Success Amongst Inuit of Nunavut Who Have Registered in a Post-Secondary Program NU   Funded Funded Funded    
SE06 Qikiqtani Inuit Association (QIA) Understanding Community Change in the Qikiqtaaluk: Examining Communities Affected by the Mary River Project through Community Based Research QIK       Funded Funded Funded
SE09 Kitikmeot Inuit Association (KIA) KIA Rotational Shift Work Monitoring Project (Phase 1) KIT   Funded        
SE10 Government of Nunavut – Health and Social Services Enhanced Health Information Collection and Health Monitoring NU   Funded Funded      
Activities/Uses of Land and Water Use Monitoring
Monitoring Theme: Traditional Use Areas
LU08 Kitikmeot Inuit Association
Land and water use/ traditional use areas
Kitikmeot Inuit Traditional Land Use and Occupancy Baseline Data Integration Project KIT   Funded Funded Funded    
Monitoring Theme: Resource Development
LU04 University of Calgary Improve Access to Nunavut Monitoring Information Using the Nunavut Database NU       Funded    
LU05 Nunavut Impact Review Board Past, Present, and Reasonably Foreseeable Project Mapping Initiative NU   Funded Funded Funded    
LU07 Canadian Polar Data Network Using Canadian Polar Data Network to support Nunavut General Monitoring Plan NU       Funded Funded Funded
LU11 Kivalliq Inuit Association (KIA) Integrating a Water Monitoring Information System into the KIA Land Use and Water Use Management System KIV   Funded     Funded Funded
LU12 Nunavut Planning Commission Use & Occupancy Mapping NU Funded          
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