Baker Lake Basin Cumulative Effects Monitoring Program

This watershed-based monitoring program for the Baker Lake Basin is a collaborative partnership between the NGMP, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)'s Nunavut Water Resources Division, and the Kivalliq Inuit Association. The objective of the program, started in 2014, is to create a watershed management strategy. This strategy will be achieved by developing a long-term monitoring program to identify cumulative effects and by determining how to mitigate the impacts as development increases in the region. A framework and preliminary program for regional watershed-based monitoring in the basin was developed in 2013. Phase 1 of the preliminary program focuses on start-up and operation of a monitoring program utilizing current knowledge from both western science and Inuit traditional knowledge (Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit).

The Baker Lake Basin Indicators Workshop, held in September 2014, included a variety of stakeholders from the Baker Lake area and focused on scientific aspects of the monitoring program. Consideration of the role of Inuit traditional knowledge in the aquatic monitoring program will be addressed through a subsequent workshop.

Following the Baker Lake Basin Indicators Workshop in September 2014, the focus of work in 2015-16 is the development of an Inuit traditional knowledge sub-program, including community consultations and an Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit workshop scheduled for 2016.

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